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What Makes Wonder Jigs So Good?

Wonder Jigs save you money and catch more fish, and this is why!

Wonder Jigs are handmade and individually hand painted here in the USA using chip resistant epoxy paints and super sharp high quality VMC hooks. These are designs that have perfected over the course of decades. Many of our ice fishing jigs and ice fishing lures are designs that have been inspired by the secret lures of old timers from across the ice belt. We also feature some incredibly effective designs inspired by Scandinavian, Russian, and Eastern European favorites

Wonder jigs have paint jobs that are second to none and are described by many of our customers as “true works of art”. You will be amazed at the incredible detail that we build into each and every one of our jigs.  Each jig is also clear coated to give you an additional layer of paint protection.  All of our jigs that feature glitter use a super fine Micro Glitter that mimics the natural iridescence found in nature. 

 Wonder Jigs have up to nine individual colors on them. The majority have a minimum of 4 or 5 colors. See the photos in the listings  to see the individual details. Some of our jigs even feature a different color paint job on each side of the jig!  We do not take the time and effort that goes into Wonder Jigs to catch fisherman but to catch more fish. Our intricate detail and subtle shading is what drives the fish crazy and will allow you to out fish your buddies 2, 3, or even 10 to 1, and that my friend is truly priceless!

Many of our jigs also feature our Super Hot Neon Glow paint as well so they can be used day or night. Our neon glow jig kits feature Green, Orange, Red, Pink, and Blue glow rather than a single color like our competitors. Our jigs have been painted with a  Super Hot NEON GLOW paint that is 5 to 10 times brighter than our competitors glow paint, and will glow 5 to 10 times longer.  You can charge your jigs with ambient room light to give them a subtle fish catching glow.  Or you can charge them hard and they will light up the night! You do not have to spend a lot of time and effort trying to keep them charged like inferior quality glow jigs.

Because we do not package our jigs individually for sale in a retail store Wonder jigs ice fishing lures sell for about 50% to 70%  less than the cost of even the low quality imported jigs with inferior paint, poor quality hooks, and no guarantee. And best of all Wonder Jigs catch fish when lesser jigs do not even get a nibble. Our incredible color schemes and intricate detail drive the fish wild!

It costs more and takes longer to make ice fishing jigs of this quality but our goal is very simple. Make the very best icefishing lures possible so you will catch more fish!  The next time you head to the ice, try our ice jigs, and you will most certainly become a believer and a we hope a lifelong customer.

Wonder Jigs also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If for any reason you do not think that these are the best jigs you have ever purchased simply send them back for a full refund that includes the cost of shipping both ways.

Buy Wonder Jigs, Catch more fish, We promise!